Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh, what a wonderland

Colorado weather amazes me. Yesterday, landon brought me lunch at work and we sat outside in the 65-degree sun as we enjoyed our meal, and today we awoke to a blizzard! Blizzards only come a few times a year, and this year it came in October!! Pretty early for a blizzard, but most welcome. Strong gusts of wind and falling snow has pretty-much shut down our city. No work for me - or anyone else in our apartment complex. Our cars are buried in snow. The only vehicle that has managed to get out today is Landon's.

Landon is quite a rare breed. When my boss called to tell me stay home from the day, Landon sprang out of bed and put on his snow-shoes, managing to take a few pictures. Then when he got home he wanted to take his blazer on the roads. We were pretty much the only ones on the roads besides the street-plows and abandoned vehicles. Still, the roads weren't too bad, actually and it was a lot of fun to brave the storm. He just got back from a walk out west at the "Garden of the Gods". I'm sure we'll go for a walk tonight with a backwoods and snowshoes. I can't see outside as my glasses fog up and get wet and i'm left blinded and cold...Contact lenses are off-limits right now as my eyes torture me for them.

Well, this weather is perfect and definitely brightened my mood as work has been stressful as i have been working over-time to get things done and things still aren't getting done. I'm learning fast and value my job (and am so grateful for it), yet I arrive home exhausted and a pitiful wife. This day has been great. I made hot chocolate, go to play my piano for awhile, made pumpkin bread, watched a movie, cleaned up a bit, and now, finally get to update our blog.

Last tuesday was our 2 year anniversary. It was fun to celebrate our love and our marriage, and we had many friends and family who took part as well. It actually snowed tons that night, and everything froze over during the night. Still had work the next day, though i slid around all over the streets, blocking 2 lanes of traffic, slid through a stop-light, and finally made it to work after 2 u-turns on hills and 35 minutes of persevering the ice through town. Snow is much better than ice. Hope tomorrow morning will be better.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Raining in Autumn

I have now been at ACSI for a month. My eyes are beginning to go cross-eyed from sitting at a computer screen all day. Landon and i are so grateful for this job. God is faithfully providing for us. Landon continues to look for a job. On the other hand, though, since landon has been cooking regularily, we have been eating the most scrumptious dinners.

The autumn is upon us and we're savoring it. Oh, how we welcome breezy winds and twirling leaves. The colors, the smells, the snow on the mountains - it is all simply breathtaking, and we missed this so much last year in Kenya. It is beautiful and wonderful.

I have been playing for a womens' soccer league. It's been fun to play again, though i'm not in the best shape for soccer-playing. My mind is ready to go, but my body punishes me after the game with limps and aching muscles.

Landon is playing flag-football with a lot of guys from his old football team. Landon has made every single touchdown his team has scored since the season began - isn't that amazing!?

Landon helped our friend, Lindsey compete in a rock climbing competition last weekend. She won the competition for the females and got lots of cool prizes. We were in the local paper, too, which is cool.

Seeing little faces of African orphans ever day at work is killing me. I miss my little Kenyan orphans now more than ever. I find myself in tears some days, as i sit at work...oh, i just love those kids.

The school shootings lately break out hearts. I honestly have not been thinking on them too much as we don't have tv or a newspaper, so all that i hear is from talk around the office. It's just so sad to me, but not because it brings back memories, just more because I know what the kids, families, and communities are going through. I know how it can really screw you up and how mourning can last a very long time. I am just reminded that God is a healer, and has brought me from a place of complete brokenness to a place of wholeness. I trust that he will do the same in these lives, yet i know that healing takes time and right now every one is only hurting. I hope they know that it's okay to hurt and it's okay to find joy even when there's hurting. I just remember that i thought i was crazy: sleeping with the lights on every night, having flash-backs at school, questioning God,etc.. I hope these kids can talk openly to each other and offer each other support so that no one feels like they are hurting alone.

In two weeks we will celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. Cool, huh?