Wednesday, March 29, 2006


if i would become a mommy in the next few years, it would be on account of these two.

landon has (had) malaria. he got it thursday, friday we got the blood test done (we actually got to see the malaria in his blood through the microscope - pretty cool) we got him on malaria medicine that night and yesterday he felt better. still kind of tired, but he's doing really good.

kim's back with us at brackenhurst now. it's good to have her back.

sunday the orphans came to brackenhurst and we played on the playground. i painted little fingers and toes in red and white fingernail polish - even the boys wanted theirs done (see gerald and daniel showing off their fingernails in the picture). we had a lot of fun.

we have a new orphan, edward, who is 10 years old. it's so weird to have an older boy among our kids. he's a bit of a show-off. i don't know his story or where he came from. tell you more on him later.

landon and i are going to the orphanage soon. he's going to talk to patrick about the child sponsorship program, so the orphans will be financially supported through school by people in america - we're really excited about this program! he still has some building projects there. i continue to enjoy my time with the kiddies and the ladies in the kitchen. david has asked me to find time to join him to go in the village and visit the homes of our village kids. i'm really interested and would like to join him.

this saturday is the maxi-dash, the MCK climbing competition. Landon is excited and tomorrow is going to go scout out some climbing routes in preparation for the big day. Ryland came to brackenhurst on monday and climbed with Landon in the rock room - he's so excited to be climbing with Landon. It'll be a big day!

sorry i haven't gotten to blog as much lately. things seem to be pretty much the same around here. we're both loving it here, and can't believe we will be back in the states in less than 3 months. whew, that will be a scary (and wonderful) transition.


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