Monday, February 20, 2006

Climb high upon that mountain...again

Landon returned home safe and sound last night with a Mt Kenya summit stuck to the bottom of his 5.10's. Desite the forest fire that blackened the grasses at the foot of the mountain, Landon and Kevin hiked and climbed wednesday-sunday and returned to us without burns, bruises or cuts. I'm so proud of my mountain man, and so happy to have him home again. They hiked wed-friday and then did their technical climbing after they crossed the glacier during sunrise saturday morning. the climb from bottom to top to bottom took 15 hours...whew, what a long day. then, what should have been a 9 hour hike back to the car sunday (you're supposed to allow at least 6 days to climb kenya, and they squeezed in 5)took them 3 1/2. no wonder landon slept in today and woke up with an achey body. (this is all my interpretation of the information he relayed to me late last him for the complete and most accurate story).
see pictures: Landon on the tip-top of Mt Kenya with the clouds and rocks below, also a picture of Mt kenya from the hike below, peaks Nelion on the left and Batian on the right - landon climbed Nelion.

this weekend i have been busy "working". i only say i'm "working", when i am working with brackenhurst adventures. the orphanage is my real "job", but sure doesn't seem like it at all. saturday i worked in the rock room for 3 hours as i belayed 15 13 year olds for a birthday party - it was pretty fun. yesterday i was in the rock room a bit, as we had some last-minute groups and cori and i were the only staff at brackenhurst. then we had the orphans over to brackenhurst to play from 1:30-4. they LOVE playing in the grass (they don't have any grass at the orphanage). playing football (soccer), swinging on the swings, teeter-totters, slide, etc... every child yells, "cori, cuja", or "hannah, cuja" over and over and over and over. they are beckoning us to come and push them on the swings and the swings are not exactly in a row, but sprawled out on all edges of the playground, so we got a workout. i plopped on the grass, exhausted, and got dog-piled by the kids...not quite the relaxing break i thought i would get, but so precious. they just wanted to lay their heads on my stomach, steal my shoes, take out my earrings and put their hands in my hair. what darling children. cori and i find that our favorite time with the kids is not during the week with all the village children, within the structure of "school", but on the weekends when it's just us and 25 orphans...our most precious children, with no schedule to uphold, just hang-out time.

i sent out our update a few days ago. if you did not receive it and would like to, please email us, or you can dowload it from our website under our personal bio's(see link at left). we have found that not everyone is receiving the emails from our brackenhurst ministries address.


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go Landon. That is so great.
Please provide Pictures and full description. SJ


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